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House Tour


In 2009 my partner Mr P and I bought our first home together and in between full time jobs we spend our weekends and spare time renovating the house inside and outside, putting our own stamp on it and turning it into our own. This is our first experience of renovating and we try to do most of the work ourselves no matter how long it might take us and call on the professionals only when we need to. You can read more about Mr P and I here.
Jarrah Jungle is a 1960s double brick and tile home on a big suburban block in Perth, Western Australia. It has 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a separate granny flat out the back offering extra storage with bathroom and kitchenette (very handy when renovating inside the house!).

We picked this house because it's a retain and build, we can renovate and retain the house at the front and then subdivide in the future and build a house at the back.
So, come on inside, and take a look around at the ugly before and pretty afters of our renovations to date ...

The Floorboards
The floorboards are the namesake of my blog. When we found raw jarrah floorboards hiding behind old stinky green carpet just waiting to be discovered - we sanded, sealed and restored those jarrah beauties with lots of love and care.

See how we restored the floorboards here. We also repaired a hole in the floorboards using the old pantry shelves which ironically were made from our floorboards.

Guest Bedroom
The Guest Bedroom was the first room renovation and my first experience of the hard work and wine consumption that would take place to get through these first time home renovations!

You can see the Guest Bedroom make over here and with new art and decor updates here.
 Master Bedroom
The Master Bedroom with its daggy green carpet and old wardrobe and blinds has turned into my dream bedroom with a custom made wardrobe, diy wall art and pin up girl art. The colours in this room are black furniture with red and white accessories and decor. I love this colour combination for the bedroom it's the perfect mixture of romance, sexiness and love!

You can see the Master Bedroom make over here.

  Craft Room / Study
The Craft Room/Study is my very own room in the house where I can be creative and decorate with feminine decor and my ever growing bird and book collection! The colours in these room are mainly black and white furniture with some sunny bright pops of yellow.

You can see my Craft Room/Study here.

Man Cave
The Man Cave is a room every man needs for his own space to play computer games, drink beer and do other manly things!

The main furniture in this room is a large black leather recliner couch (what more does a man cave need!) with pops of red and orange decor thanks to me sneaking in a few cushions and art to make it more inviting.

You can see Mr P's Man Cave here.
Living Room
In the Living Room we tackled suede paint, sagging ceilings and removed an old air conditioner in the wall and transformed it into a fresh and inviting room well worth the work.

We've painted a dark grey feature wall behind the TV and decorated in bright colours of green and yellow with splashes of gold and copper. I'm always changing the decor around in here, usually with the seasons, it's such a comfortable room to be in and we spend a lot of time in here on our super comfortable leather couches.

You can see the Living Room here
The old retro purple haze Bathroom was totally gutted and redesigned with a new layout, floor to ceiling tiles, a new window, twin glass basins and a double shower. We stuck with a grey and white colour combination and black granite cabinet top on the custom made vanity.

The Bathroom was a huge renovation and we did all the demolition and installation work ourselves, other than the tiling we left to the professionals.

You can see the Bathroom Renovation here.

Shoe Cupboard
We transformed the old coat cupboard in the hallway by turning it into my very own Shoe Cupboard that Carrie Bradshaw and celebs would be envious of! Yes ladies, a whole cupboard dedicated to my shoes ... oh and Mr P he gets just 1 shelf ... the rest is all mine for my shoes glorious shoes!

You can see my Shoe Cupboard here
Both the hallway cupboard doors we covered with wallpaper and replaced the handles. We have added a lot of personality with a black and white photo gallery, funky framed wallpaper and a mirror.
We also painted a striped feature wall at the entrance and then repainted the stripes after a bit of a stripe sabotage incident just days later!
You can see more of my customised hallway here

Kitchen and Dining Room
After 4 years of waiting and planning we finally renovated the old retro Kitchen and Dining Room. It was a dream to design our own kitchen, we got 2 quotes and settled on this one.

This was a 12 week project that had me set up a makeshift kitchen in the Garage to cook our meals every night and it was such a treat to unpack and move into the shiny new kitchen after all that time!

We had a big project list of things to do including the demolition, cutting out the dining room window and put in french doors, knocking out a brick pantry and repairing the hole in the floorboards using the pantry shelves, restoring and oiling the floorboards, installing the range hood (twice!) and lots of painting.

We designed an all white kitchen with black granite bench tops and black kick boards and had the cabinet makers install it. We had a blue toned glass splash back installed. You can find our sink and appliance choices here and here and all other kitchen progress posts here.
You can find the Dining Room gallery wall here and room reveal here and all other Dining Room progress posts here.

Dining Room - Before

Dining Room - After
Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - Before
Kitchen - After

Kithchen - After
Installed French Doors
As part of the Kitchen/Dining Room renovation we removed the window in the dining area and turned it into a doorway and installed french doors.

These doors go into the backyard and we plan to build a deck off here this year so we'll be able to step outside into the alfresco area, directly from the Kitchen/Dining Room.
House Exterior 

The front of the house has had a total transformation, we ripped out the old carport and added a double garage extension complete with picking new exterior coloursroof restoration, rendering the front of the house and garage and moving the power underground.

If you're thinking of adding a Garage onto your home? You can find my detailed guide on planning a Garage Extension here.

Our backyard has a huge patio which is old and rusty but great for entertaining all year round.

In the garden we have laid lawn and planted vegetable and herb gardens. Turns out I have a bit of a black thumb so nothing is flourishing but I'm not giving up just yet!

We don't want to do anything too permanent or spend much money on the backyard as we will be subdividing and building in the future.

You can see more of the garden here and our recent patio pimping project here
Backyard - Before
Backyard - After

Patio / French Door area - Progress
Patio looking festive for Christmas Day
Renovations Currently In Progress
Front Of House -
Courtyard, Driveway and Landscaping
In December 2012 we started on the second half of the house exterior project and had plans drawn for a Courtyard, Retaining Walls and Fence which the Council knocked back once, twice, and then finally approved.

The Courtyard walls have been built and the new concrete driveway and path to the front door has been laid.

The next projects to tackle out here are: Installing slats and a fence to the limestone courtyard, landscaping along the driveway and kerb and landscaping and furnishing inside the courtyard.

You can follow the Courtyard project here.

Laundry and Toilet/Powder Room
Our plain 1960s Laundry and Toilet will be a total renovation gut and redesign to include more storage, bench space, new plumbing, tiles, the works.

The Toilet will be redesigned to include a hand basin and cabinet to turn it into a practical Powder Room.

You can find my progress posts on the Laundry here and Powder Room here.
Laundry and Toilet - Before
I hope you've enjoyed a tour of my home Jarrah Jungle, if you have any questions please leave a comment or send me an email.

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[All images my own]

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  1. Wow! Loved seeing this! I'm from Ravenswood and we have decided to start renovating our jarrah cottage. Here goes nothing.....

  2. WOW!!
    You have done so much to the house!
    Looks fab!

  3. Really enjoying your Blog. We are in Week 11 of ours over the North side of Brisbane and doing it all from Mackay.....
    Pop over for a read if you have a chance!

  4. Wow. Such great pics! You guys have done so much. What will you do when it's done?
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    1. Haha good question Leanne ... we will do it all over again with another renovator or we'll build a house :) Just cant help ourselves!

  5. WOW! You have a closet just for SHOES? I also love your craft room... but, my favorite is still the bathroom, I just love it! You two have done A LOT with the house! Just amazing!

    1. Yes my very own shoe cupboard I still pinch myself each day when I get dressed, it makes it so much easier to co-ordinate my shoes with my outfit when I can see them all so easily! The bathroom was a huge improvement, thanks Carrie :)

  6. You've both done so many wonderful things in your home Michelle, you should be very proud indeed!

  7. Michelle, You and your hubby have done awesome things to your house. I love the bathroom. Actually I love it all. Well done. x

    1. Thanks so much :) The bathrom is a huge change, so much nicer now without all the purple!

  8. You have done so much work. Everything is looking so lovely. Love your kitchen and how the exterior is looking so far.

    1. Thanks some much its definately been a transformation!

  9. Well done! You guys have done so much work. I just love the kitchen, the yellow chairs add a wonderful pop of colour. Looks great.

    Peace & Love,

    1. Thanks Sarah. Yellow has become my favourite colour to decorate with!

  10. Wow! You have been a busy bee! Beautiful work, the hallway is GOREGOUS, love what you've done thus far!

  11. Stumbled across your blog trying to find ideas for my laundry which looks remarkably similar to yours. Assumed you were in the US and couldn't believe how much your house looked like my friend's house in Vic Park/Kensington, only to read your bio to see you're also on WA! Your house is looking amazing! Well done on the beautiful renos. My kitchen and laundry are getting ripped out next week and I'm freaking out. Hadn't intended on replacing the laundry but the tiles from the kitchen run on into the laundry and underneath the trough cabinet so now I have to... Eep.

    1. Hi there, isn't it great to find similar local homes, as we are built so different to the UK or the USA.
      Thanks so much we are definitely getting there!
      Wow kitchen and laundry at the same time you sure are brave! Good luck with it all, so long as you are organised it will all work out fine :)

  12. So amazing. That shoe cupboard makes me so so so so so so so so so jelly ....


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